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Skin Problems Caused By Obesity

Obesity, not only has associated health hazzards but triggers skin problems as well. Know more about it.

Besides being a dreaded disease that leads to serious life threatening health problems, obesity encourages various skin problems that require medical attention. A proper check on your body weight will help in minimizing these diseases.

Excessive fat deposits make the skin saggy, thereby, creating folds in the skin, which can in turn become breeding grounds for fungal and bacterial infections, thus causing many skin problems. Here is an overview:

Acanthosis Nigricans

Obesity Trivia Recent research has shown a direct link between obesity and certain kinds of cancer Nearly 90% of obese people suffer from some form of skin problems.

This skin disease is associated with thickening of the skin followed by brown or black blemishes on the thickened patches. These dark patches usually occur in the armpits, groin or the neck area. The disease is mainly caused due to the high insulin levels in obese people.


Folliculitis causes the formation of ***whiteheads*** in and around the hair follicles resulting in infections. Obese people are more likely to get infected with this disease as the extra pounds on their body pressurize the hair follicles, thereby causing skin inflammations. The infection is mainly caused by the ***Staphylococcus bacteria*** that develops on areas prone to shaving or friction due to continual rubbing of skin or clothes.

Skin Tags

Skin tags occurs due to friction caused by skin rubbing. These are characterized by small skin growths that are attached to the surface of the skin through a thin skin shoot. These benign abrasions do not cause any pain or irritation; however they affect the smoothness and beauty of the skin.


Cellulitis disease is very common in obese people. Maintaining proper hygiene between skin folds becomes difficult for people suffering from obesity. This allows ***Streptococcus*** or Staphylococcus bacteria to grow and affects the skin causing redness, soreness, muscle aches and excessive perspiration.

Statis Dermatitis

Statis Dermatitis is a type of skin disease that usually affects the lower portions of the legs and causes skin inflammations. The main cause behind this skin disease is lack of proper blood circulation. Obesity hampers blood circulation to the feet and increases the chances of contracting this disease.


This skin infection is caused by the ***Corynebacterium minutissimum*** bacteria and is characterized by the development of pink and brown dry skin patches. This bacterium mainly grows in the skin folds, as these areas are normally warm and moist and are apt for bacteria growth.

Stretch Marks

These are basically lined marks more like stripes. These marks occur when the skin gets stretched suddenly or when the skin contracts rapidly. These pinkish or reddish marks are unsightly and usually, very difficult to get rid of.

Varicose Veins

Varicose or abnormal swelling of the veins, that is easily visible to the naked eye and is caused due to improper functioning of the ***venous valves***. These valves are meant to regulate flow of blood only in one direction, which is towards the heart. Due to obesity, the functioning of these valves is affected, thus, resulting in blood accumulation at these valves which causes the veins to enlarge.

Tinea Cruris

This is a superficial fungal infection that is also called ‘jock Itch’. The fungus grows rapidly in moist and warm areas that are usually found between the skin folds of obese people. It mostly affects the groin area causing severe irritation.

For most of these skin diseases, reduction in obesity can make it much easier to cure the problem.


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