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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of as mentioned on describes what you can expect from us as far as your personal data on our site – is concerned and your rights and responsibilities regarding the same. Our privacy policy however, does not address anyone else’s practices or any other site’s practices or our own practices beyond the This privacy policy is part of the user agreement accepted at the time of registration.

Cookies, IP Addresses and URLs:

Cookies are data snippets stored on your computer’s hard drive by websites you visit or use. We use cookies in order to do analysis of our site’s usage, get user preferences, and decide target ads and to store your passwords (if you’ve registered). It is possible for you to reject cookies if you are not a registered user on your experience on our site. However, if you are a registered user on the site you must accept the cookies.

IP addresses are assigned to each computer by the internet access provider when you use the internet. We store each IP address that accesses our site along with its referring/destination URL. This is done in order to analyze traffic on our site, get insight into user behavior and also to solve technical problems, complaints and disputes.

Registration/Member Data:

Any user, who registers with as a member, provides us with some personal data (including email address). The registration and member information on our site is used by us for several purposes like targeting ads to our members, sending site related emails, etc. It is possible for you as a user to turn on or off these emails. You can choose to either publicly display or hide some of the data about you (including your picture).

Children’s Privacy:

Children or minors below the age of 18 years are ineligible to use our site. We therefore, suggest they do not submit any information on our site. We also presume that all personal information submitted on the site is done by individuals above 18 years of age.

Feedback: may collect information from you on various subjects including some personal information too, through a survey; which is treated as records by us.

Other Data Collection:

Data is also collected from you by us in other ways which have not been specified here. These may be ways which we might use in future or some indirect ways of data collection. For example, data collected through queries generated by you, comments left by you or even when you contact the panel members of the ‘MedTzars speak’ section of the site. All this data collected too is managed as records. However, if anywhere else there is specific data governed by rules supplementing or contradicting this statement, then those rules trump this statement.

Changes in data:

In case of termination of your account or deletion or change of any information in your account by you; the same will be updated with immediate effect by us in our live databases. In order to make any changes in your account you can edit your Member Profile. The only old data that will remain with us will be the one stored in our archives and may take some time to update. Also we do retain some information/ data even after your account has been terminated from the site, done in order to prevent re-registration.

Government Relations and Lawsuits:

If required or deemed appropriate by us we may disclose data about you to the government. This will be done if – you authorize the same or the data is required in connection with actual or potential law suits or if the disclosure of such nature mitigates our liability or we have to enforce our rights.

Communicating with Other Users:

We do not encourage our users to gather personal data (including email addresses) from our site. Anyone visiting may not use email addresses displayed on the site, in order to ask people to join or contribute to your services.

Limitations on our abilities:

Due to a complicated nature of our site and also due to technical or software glitches; there might arise occasions when possibility that we might inadvertently use or disclose your data in ways inconsistent with this statement. Under such circumstances we regret the situation and will try to rectify it at the earliest.


We do not have any control over third party interceptions during internet transmissions. Any personal data of users leaked during such transmissions cannot be controlled by us.

Notification of Changes to privacy policy

As the site changes and grows there will be time to time changes also made to the privacy policy. As a user you too will be informed of these changes, along with the date it was revised last. This way you will always be aware of what information we gather, how we use that information, and whether we will disclose it to anyone. Please refer to this Web page from time to time for information about revisions to our privacy policy.

In case of e-mail notification required (which we provide only on request by members) of any such changes, please contact us at requesting the same.

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