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Drug Addiction – Know More About Help And Support

Breaking the addiction to drugs is possible. Help is available, all that is needed is the will to break free.

No matter how long one has been addicted to drugs, getting back to a drug free life is always possible. Medical treatment, help and support of loved ones and most importantly the will to stay drug-free, are the three things that help one to recover from addiction.

Just as people take to drugs ‘for change’; getting rid of addiction requires an almost similar decision-‘to change.’ Since Drug addiction is a complex brain disease, one cannot and should not try to get rid of it by them-selves; addiction is life-threatening and requires exhaustive medical treatment.

Hence when you realize that a known one wants’ to get rid of their addiction problem, the first thing to do is consult a medical practitioner and addiction counsellor. The objective of a recovery program is to help the concerned person- to refrain from doing drugs, avoid a ***relapse*** and to be able a lead a healthy and drug free lifestyle. A de-addiction program does not last a few days but is always a gradual and long-term one.

Drug Addiction Trivia Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals. More than 60 percent of alcoholics have family histories of alcoholism. 9.4 percent of the U.S. population aged 12 or older needed treatment for an illicit drug or alcohol use.

Support for addiction recovery

Realizing that a loved one is heavily into drugs can be very heart breaking; however at such a late stage arguments and punishments will not help, instead you need to sit down and very uncomplainingly try and convince the person on how much harm his addiction is causing to both him as well as his near and dear ones and that you are there to help break free the addiction.

Overcoming addiction is a very difficult task. The person battling with addiction requires constant help, support and encouragement of friends and family at all times. One needs to ensure that the addict has constant good company, does not miss his appointments with the doctor and therapists, and is maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping away from friends or parties that involve drug use.

Professional help for addiction recovery

In order to recover completely from addiction the doctor may advise an inpatient or outpatient treatment program depending upon the condition of the person requiring treatment.

Inpatient Program: Here, the patient is required to stay for a few months in a protected, non-hospital setting facility where his daily regimen includes ***detoxification*** programs, interacting with ***therapists*** and other patients to understand the harmful effects of drugs and how they can begin engaging in other productive activities. Friends and family members are allowed to visit patients in the facilities on designated days. This program proves to be highly useful for those patients who in the beginning choose outpatient programs but relapse back to taking drugs sooner or later.

Outpatient Programs Under this the patient attends a rehabilitation program sometime during the day and is free to go back home daily. In this case the patient can continue doing his work or living along with his family members. However since in this program he isn’t in a protected facility, chances of getting back to doing drugs are much higher.

It is important to know that a drug addiction recovery program is not a short term one, but could last for several weeks and even months or years. Hence, one must be very patient and not pull out his support to the addict mid-way, for your support may be the only ray of hope, even if it may not seem so at that point in time.


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