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10 Best Ways to De-Stress At Work

De-stressing at work leads to better efficiency and increased productivity

The present day work culture is very stressful owing to high competition, pressure to meet deadlines and offer high quality work. Furthermore, people tend to carry their work stress home which could cause disturbances in personal life as well. In order to avoid these problems, here are 10 best ways to help you lower stress at work.

Keep your workspace clutter free: Clutter causes distractions at work and adds to the stress. Throw away things that are of no use to you anymore. Retain only the essentials and organize them. When you can easily find things that you need, you tend to remain calmer.

Use effective colors schemes: Colors have a major impact on the mind; so, use suitable colors for your workspace. Cheerful and soothing colors elevate your moods and help you de-stress. The best colors are blues, greens, yellow and earthy tones. Avoid colors such as red, bright oranges and other florescent colors since they create aggression in you. You may use color to simply highlight a light background. Also, prefer matte finish over gloss.

Stress Related Trivia: 80% of working professionals experience stress related illnesses and nearly half of them suffer severe problems 25% of working professionals say that work is the biggest stress causing factor of their lives

Go Green in your workspace: Plants are great for creating a soothing ambiance in the office. Use real plants instead of artificial ones. Real plants purify the air in the office, thereby keeping you healthier and empowering you to fight stress better.

Have a well lit work area: Ensure that your work area is well lit and that you have good ventilation. Try to let in natural light and air if possible. It is been seen that dim lights cause mood swings and create a feeling of depression.

Accessorize and personalise your work zone: Add cheer to your work space with things that you like and those that calm you down. A smiling picture of your kids, gifts from loved ones and even drawings by your kids can be great stress busters.

Prepare a schedule and prioritize: This helps meet deadlines more effectively. When you work in an organized manner and know your course of action, you tend to be more composed than when your schedule is not organized.

Be friendly with your colleagues and superiors: A healthy relationship with others in the office cuts out a lot of stress. Also, when you share a good rapport with them, they will not bother you and add to the stress.

Leave your workspace for a while: When you have lunch or take a coffee break, move away from your work space. A change of scene breaks the monotony of sitting in the same place for hours and can be refreshing for the mind.

Put inspirational quotes: Motivational thoughts perk you up and are great for revving up your spirits.

Carry healthy food from home: Rather than eating junk food from the cafeteria, indulge in some good home cooked lunch or snacks. Healthy foods are excellent stress busters. On the contrary, oily and high calorie junk foods create undesirable mood swings.

Too much stress can impact your efficiency negatively, which is why de-stressing at work is important. These simple tips can be very useful for the purpose.


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