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Things to Avoid When With Your Girlfriend

Tips on how to make your relationship with your girlfriend work

Being around someone whom you love is usually fun as long as the other person too finds you fun to be with. While love and emotions are important for a relationship; it is equally important to understand how to keep the spark going.

Men often find it difficult to understand their girlfriends; what bothers them, what irritates them, what they are trying to say and what brings a smile to their faces. However, your girlfriend and her emotions won’t remain a mystery when you realise that, while every relationship offers some hints as to what is acceptable and what is not; there are also certain things that are best avoided straightaway when with your girl; lest you want to really irritate her and eventually lose her for good.

So for all you guys who are in a relationship, here are some tips on behaviours that are better left at home when going on a date:

Avoid being bossy and demanding

When with your girlfriend, do not be bossy or very demanding, instead understand her limitations and sense her unwillingness to do things. Treat her with respect and allow her to have her own choices and opinions. No girl likes being dictated around. Treat her to the courtesies and kindnesses you bestow on your friends. When you give respect, you get it back for sure.

Avoid being a submissive, yes ma’am boyfriend

As annoying as a bossy boyfriend is one who is continuously submissive and has no stand or voice of his own. Do not be someone who is always ready to please. Girls have more faith in a guy who can stand up for himself; because only if you stand up for yourself will you take a stand for your girl if required anytime.

Avoid being a loud mouth

Some men are very obsessive and loud mouthed about their achievements and end up bugging everyone around them. This is a big time reflection on your personality .Too much self- proclamation, either is a sign of narcissism or some inferiority complex. Let your achievements speak for themselves.

Keep that roving eye under control

There can be nothing worse than checking out other girls when on a date. You cannot make a bigger mistake than that, unless you want to say goodbye to your girl friend forever. No girl can stand a partner, more interested in others than the one he claims to love. Excessive praising, staring or passing nasty remarks on other girls will surely get you in a thick soup.

Stub that butt when with your girl

Do not smoke when you are with your girlfriend. Most girls do not appreciate smoking. Be sensitive to the fact that if she is a non smoker, you might be causing her a *** headache*** or uneasiness and this could very well become the reason for a break off.

Avoid getting drunk

Do not get drunk when out with your girl. It is embarrassing to be with someone who is in the habit of getting drunk and out every time one goes partying. If drinking makes you lose self control, stay away from that bottle. Remember, she wants to spend quality time with you, instead of watching you drool around and misbehave in public.

Your girlfriend’s past is not your present

Do not probe too much into your girlfriends past. She might have just broken up with a guy or might have had a bad past. So accept everything in the best spirits and do not probe too much in her past, unless it is she who has brought up something specific to discuss.

Avoid public or forced displays of affection

Do not force yourself on your girlfriend, even if that means just holding hands or giving her a hug, until she is ready for it. Many girls feel awkward with public displays of affection, so learn to keep your hands off; unless you want to come across as someone who is a flirt, insensitive or worst still, indecent.

Every fight should not rake up past issues

Do not bring up past issues and arguments when having a fight, as it flairs up the matter further and strains the relationship. It is best to close all previous issues and start afresh. Avoid making fun of her Do not make fun of, degrade or let down your girlfriend in front of anyone. Always appreciate her and show genuine concern. Making her the centre of negative attention or comparing her to someone else will only highlight your insensitivity and lack of bonding.

Do not ignore your girl

Whether it is a casual talk or a problem she is discussing with you, never ignore your girlfriend. If you are pre-occupied, or not in the mood; it is best to say so instead of blankly ignoring everything she is sharing. Also, remember that when your partner is in need; that need takes priority over your mood or work. Guidance, advice and even a patient ear in such times, means a lot.

These tiny little things if taken care of go a long way in strengthening your bond with your girlfriend and ensuring she remains yours forever.


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