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Testosterone Deficiency; Causes and Symptoms

While being largely age related, Testosterone deficiency can also affect younger men. With side effects ranging from decreased strength, affected muscle formation and decreased libido; it is something all men need to know more about.

Testosterone is steroid hormone from the androgen group.  Without which male sex organs cannot develop normally. It is also responsible for development and retention of secondary sex characteristics. On the other hand, a deficiency of  Testosterone would result in decrease of strength and your muscle build up. It can also cause fat to accumulate in your upper body and abdomen particularly.

Without  adequate levels of Testosterone, you can feel depressed and nervous. Intellectually, you can lose your mental faculty. The direct effect is of course, the lack of sex drive.

Testosterone Deficiency Trivia: Testosterone levels  keep  decreasing in men above the age of 50.  20 percent men above the age of 50 are are testosterone deficient. Testosterone levels in men decrease at the rate of .3 percent every year after the age of 40 Normal levels of testosterone fall between 250-800ng of testosterone/deciliter of blood.

With age, the Testosterone levels in men naturally decreases as , men above 60 find themselves with decreased androgen levels in general. It has been found that certain medical conditions  too hamper build up of Testosterone in the body and this can occur at any age. It is estimated, that one in 200 men, less than 60 years of age suffer from  testosterone deficiency.

There are some contributing factors which may cause Testosterone or Androgen deficiency. Most important among them are:

  • Chronic illness.
  • Chemotherapy or treatment of cancer by radiation affecting the testicles.
  • Alcoholism.
  • Medications for treating depression
  • Hypogonadism- a condition when the testicles are not able to produce adequate Testosterone .
  • AIDS.
  • Excessive mental stress.

It is only a full medical examination including determination of Testosterone level in the body that can identify Testosterone deficiency. However, certain symptoms may indicate the condition. These are:

  • depression
  • Low sex drive
  • Mood swings and nervousness.
  • Erectile dysfunction or inability to have an erection and maintain it.
  • Obesity, especially in the midriff region.
  • Reduced bone  density which may lead to osteoporosis.

Testosterone levels can be measured in the laboratory. Based on the reports doctors may suggest Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) or certain medication. Unless you are medically diagnosed and advised to undergo a Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) you need not undergo this treatment as a matter of course.

Medication for testosterone deficiency should only be taken under prescription, even though there are several such products like pills, gels, creams and intramuscular injections available off the counter; marketed as means to enhance sexual performance. These pills may have harmful side effects and should be avoided. Treatment under medical supervision is the best option.


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