'Sexting' common among teens

on Tuesday, 03 July 2012. Posted in Kid's Health, News Written By: HealthTzars News Group

'Sexting' common among teens

A recent survey on the use of modern electronic communication channels has revealed that sexting among teens is more common than was expected before. According to the survey, over 25 percent of teens in Texas have sent nude pictures of themselves over their mobile phones or emails.


The study was conducted over ethnically diverse school groups and it was found that the scenario was similar all across Texas. Many among these teens were girls.

The study also brought to light that girls who sent their pictures were more likely to have a troubled adulthood with multiple partners, substance abuse and alcohol. Teens surveyed belonged to 10th and 11th grades.

Jeff Temple, from the University of Texas Medical Branch said that parents should communicate openly with their kids and make them aware of sexual behaviors and risky sex.

For the survey, 948 teens belonging to seven different schools were considered. Among them, 28 percentage said that they had sexted their naked picture through email or mobile phone. 57 percent said that although they had not sent any pictures, they had received requests for their nude pictures.

Almost all the teens said that they had been slightly worried when they received such requests. Among those who had sexted their nude pictures, 82 percent boys and 77 percent girls had begun having intercourse, while among those who did not send their pictures, 45 percent boys and 42 percent girls had begun having sex.

Further conclusions which were drawn from the survey were that girls who sent naked pictures were more vulnerable to having risky sex than boys who sent their own nude pictures. 56 percent of girls who sent pictures said that they had multiple sex partners. These girls also took drugs and alcohol.

In comparison, only 35 percent of girls who did not sent their pictures indulged in these activities. The alarming results shown are expected to propel parents to take some action and have a serious talk with their teens about sex, dangers of cyber pornography and risks of unsafe sex.

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